Personal Financial challenges have been known to affect people in many ways including performance in the work environment. In this day and age many are struggling with image pressure and are indeed living beyond their means.  Living in a mountain of debt is a reality that many urban East Africans are facing.  In addition people are now earning more money at a younger age but societal pressure has driven them to purse material possessions instead of creating true wealth. These money habits and beliefs created keep escalating as personal obligations grow and instant gratification becomes the norm. People are being conditioned to spend more as they earn more; and even spend what they are not earning.


Centonomy works with organisations to empower their staff with personal financial planning skills, which enhance not only their individual well being but also productivity in the workplace. Our offering of in house programs leave people with a clear understanding of how money works, how wealth is created and how the different investments work. Our approach is holistic as we first enable people to understand what has been driving their financial habits and then seek to motive then to pursue practical steps to changing that. We do not believe in enforcing any decisions down one’s throat or that one size fits all.  We make people aware of the consequences of their current actions (or inaction) and enable them to change that. Many shy away from personal financial planning due to a false belief that it is a restrictive process.  Our approach is balanced and we seek to ensure that people are engaged and enjoying the process of being in control of their financial future.


Our financial literacy curriculum offers an abundance of practical financial information and tools. The courses guide participants to:

1)    Management of Expenses

2)    Understand their relationship with money and find Financial Peace of Mind.

3)    Articulate and build road maps towards achieving Personal Financial Objectives.

4)    Tackling and Managing Debt.

5)    Getting the most out of your Income. Stepping out of the paycheck to paycheck cycle.

6)    Investments: The different types of Investment Avenues and how to access them.

7)    Afford quality Education for your children.

8)    Retire and still be able to maintain the desired lifestyle


Organisations that have benefited from our programs include Banks, SACCO’s, Manufacturing Companies, Universities, Insurance Companies, Professional Associations, Communication and IT Companies, Government Organisations and others. Click here for a profile of our clients.  We can tailor make and structure the content of the program to suit your organisation.  We can offer anything from short talks (1 -3 hrs.) to longer sessions (half day to full day) depending on the requirements of the organisation.


Key benefits to the Organisation Include:

  • Improved Financial Situation of Employees
  • Learning about true wealth creation principles results in less staff turnover simply because of an increased salary.
  • Ability to relate personal work performance and meeting of targets with increased income rather than expecting increases because of personal expense obligations.
  • Improved Productivity and Efficiency in the workplace as a result of better day-to-day management of money.  Research has indicated that employees experiencing financial distress spend a large proportion of their time at work dealing with money matters.
  • Less requests and time spent processing salary advances and “bad” loan applications.
  • Our program contains both the behavioural and practical aspects to money management.  This ensures that your employees benefit from a shift in mindset as well as develop habits that ensure their financial well being.


Do contact us on or +245 700 036433 to discuss further the requirements of your organisation. We look forward to hearing  from you.

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