Love Don’t cost a Thing!

Love Don’t cost a Thing!

At some point in our lives we have all had crushes. Some realistic and some not even close. Back in primary school when I had just hit puberty, I had a crush on one of my classmates but I did not have the courage to approach her. If the world was to end today and the Lord asked me what I regret most, not telling her would be at the top of the list. My other crush was Jennifer Lopez (not even close to realistic). I used to have goosebumps every time I heard one of her songs playing on the radio.

We are in the month of love and in the valentine mood and this is what has reminded me of my previous crushes. Many people especially the ladies are or were expecting to be treated by their significant others. They expected flowers, chocolate, candy, fancy dinner dates and other gifts. When these good things don’t come through, woe unto you as the boyfriend or husband! Whether the ladies gift the special men in their life is a discussion for another day. All these gifts and flowers cost money. January just ended, which some people perceive to be a very long and hard month especially financially. This is due to the heavy spending that goes on in the December holidays. Just when guys are starting to catch up with their finances and at least feel like they can now breathe normal, boom! there comes valentine’s day and the spending spree continues.

Don’t get me wrong though, I am not saying that people should not treat their loved ones on Valentine’s day. In fact, it is the day of love and loved ones should spend their most valuable resource, which is time, together. There are a lot of ways of spending Valentine’s Day that will not break someone’s back and bank. For instance, you can take romantic walks, write and read each other poetry or go to a crowded place and talk about the people you see. Make it interesting! A simple card or chocolate can also work. These are just to mention a few.

As a young couple that is serious, you still have a lot of years together and have countless Valentine’s day to look forward to. You should not be in a lot of pressure to have the perfect and fancy one now. You can even make a decision to start saving together as a couple for your future.

One of my favorite songs by my crash is ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing’. Imagine, even Jenifer Lopez is of the idea that money and gifts should not be the determining factor in a relationship. So ladies, if your boyfriend did not take you out for a fancy dinner date at an expensive restaurant or buy you diamond earrings this valentine’s, it does not mean that he does not love you and is not serious. He could be saving for your future! Is that not better than material things?

by Michael Thotho

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