Centonomy Corporate Talks Programs

Centonomy Corporate Talks on Wealth Creation 


A company’s greatest resource is its workforce. This great resource comes with its fair share of challenges that include:

  • The employees may not apply themselves towards the growth of the company.
  • De-motivated staff who do the bare minimum and do not go outside the status quo to achieve results and to provide value at work.
  • Some new inductees who have not developed personal goals, values, or plans; and therefore don’t know what to expect from the workplace.

Through our Corporate Talks we tackle a wide range of Programs which include;

Personal Financial Management which entails the following topics:

  • Wealth Creation vs Lifestyle
  • Managing Expenses
  • Your Personal Net worth
  • Debt
  • Introduction to Investments

Staff Accelerator Program which entails the following topics:

  • Attitudes in the workplace
  • Using your strengths for workplace success
  • Managing relationships in the workplace
  • Personal Branding

Benefits of the program include:

  • A change in the mindset of the employees- they see themselves as influencers of change who can provide value to the organization.
  • Employees acquire new skills and build the skills they already possess e.g. emotional intelligence, managing conflict, developing solutions etc.
  • Employees learn how to work from a point of strength and this adds value both to them and the organization.
  • A motivated team that is more satisfied at work.
  • Improved relationships and harmony at the workplace.

Course Duration:

Each of the Programs is covered over either Two, Three (Hours) or for a Full-Day. However, we can customize this to fit the organization needs.


The course can be carried out at your preferred venue, the Centonomy Training Centre or at your office.

Your Investment:

The total cost for the  dependant on duration (Exclusive of VAT).