How to Earn Money Past Forty!

At some point we have to move beyond being motivated to just pay the bills. I was invited to speak to a group of over 40’s recently and the conversation took this turn. A couple of weeks ago I [...]

Living Smart

Do you live smart? Many of our financial issues arise because of our lifestyles.  We live, eat and exist in a certain way, which then translates into spending in a certain way. When we are not [...]


You are all invited to our Centonomy open day which will be held on JANUARY 18th 2014 from 10.00a.m to 1 .00p.m  at the National Museum of Kenya In the Louis Leakey Aditorium. Please feel free to [...]


Some financial institutions have started advertising reduced mortgage rates in the past week. When most people hear this, the appeal is usually the reduced payment that comes along with it. I [...]

Your Dream Home

Owning your own home is a goal sought by many. Here are some of the issues to consider as you work towards this. i) Find a reputable property agent in your area of interest to assist you with the [...]