Many people have asked me in various ways how to invest in the stock market or how to know which company to invest in or indeed how to start. Well the first thing we must remember is that we do [...]

Time to save and time to grow

The terms “Saving” and “Investing” are used frequently when we talk about personal financial management. More than one person has asked me whether there is a difference between the two terms. Yes [...]

Your Wealth is in Your hands

Do you have things about your financial status that you don’t like? Do you have things that you would like to change? Would you like more money? Would you like a higher income? Would you like to [...]

The power of Kes 5,000

Very often people underestimate the power of money that is within their grasp.  We find ourselves perpetually waiting for bigger amounts of money as that is what we feel is adequate to start [...]

Before you start a business

Many people want to go into business. They have certain beliefs and many times delusions about what running a successful business is all about. Many want to escape what they perceive to be the [...]