Understand What You Invest In

Most seasoned investors have one piece of advice: Understand what you are investing in – or rather, do not invest in what you do not understand. I agree with this. I have lost a lot of money [...]

Investor vs. Consumer

Karimi loves her shoes. She has shoes of all colours and she particularly likes high-heeled shoes.  She just cannot turn away from a good offer whenever she sees the shoes.  It’s hardly ever [...]

Shares vs. Equity Funds

I would like to invest in the stock Market. What is the difference (or similarity) between investing in stocks or investing in an Equity Fund? This is an excellent question sent to me by one of [...]

Give up the waiting

I have received a lot of responses for the article I did on Jack and Bob. You can read the post here who-are-you-without-the-money. Given the amount of interest on the topic I feel compelled to [...]


You are all invited to our Centonomy open day which will be held on JANUARY 18th 2014 from 10.00a.m to 1 .00p.m  at the National Museum of Kenya In the Louis Leakey Aditorium. Please feel free to [...]

Start with what you have

Last week I had the pleasure of talking to a diverse group of people about investments.  As is common with many people, not many of them had invested as much as they think they should have. I [...]


Many people have asked me in various ways how to invest in the stock market or how to know which company to invest in or indeed how to start. Well the first thing we must remember is that we do [...]