Living Smart

<strong>Do you live smart?</strong> Many of our financial issues arise because of our lifestyles.  We live, eat and exist in a certain way, which then translates into spending in a [...]

The Salary Misconception

We carry false beliefs when it comes to our salary or paycheck.  From employed to self-employed people, young and older, there’s a way of thinking about our salaries or incomes that we need to [...]

The Risk of Wealth Creation

To make money, you’ve got to be willing to lose money.  This is what is referred to as risk.  No one has created wealth in a comfort zone.  Some investments that you make will lose you money.  I [...]

Chamas Don’t Work

Most people are simply “hoping” that at some point something will happen to make their investment group become the next big thing. But sadly they keep doing the very same things that ensure that [...]

Understand What You Invest In

Most seasoned investors have one piece of advice: Understand what you are investing in – or rather, do not invest in what you do not understand. I agree with this. I have lost a lot of money [...]

Investor vs. Consumer

Karimi loves her shoes. She has shoes of all colours and she particularly likes high-heeled shoes.  She just cannot turn away from a good offer whenever she sees the shoes.  It’s hardly ever [...]