Living Smart

Do you live smart? Many of our financial issues arise because of our lifestyles.  We live, eat and exist in a certain way, which then translates into spending in a certain way. When we are not [...]

Things to not do when Broke

“I’m broke”, is such a common statement that we use when referring to the fact that we don’t have money. Very often, people use this statement casually. For example, when they don’t want to turn [...]

The Trap of Easy Debt Payment

Elizabeth works at a manufacturing firm and has drowned herself in debt. It crept up on her slowly. It just started with that first loan to move out of home. Then came time to buy furniture, then [...]

Easy Payment is a Trap

Have our lives become one big repayment?  Many years ago, I used to wonder how in the West they managed to do everything on repayment. You could buy clothes on a monthly repayment through store [...]

Think Before You Borrow

  One of the main areas that most people will have to deal with in managing their personal expenses is borrowing. Over the last ten years access to personal loans has continued to multiply and [...]

The Shame of Debt

Makena came back from university in the UK three years ago. She had recently gotten engaged and needed to plan her wedding and start her new life with her husband to be.  She had also managed to [...]

IMAGE: Resource or Prison

 I have Shs 500,000 saved up to buy a car.  However, I am self-employed and in the financial industry which is extremely perception driven.  I want to buy a more upmarket car for Shs 1.3 million. [...]