Are you Fad Investing?

Mumo is currently a student in University. He has always been creative, so he has decided to make some extra pocket money selling t-shirts. His designs are rather unique, and the quality of the [...]

The Trap of Easy Debt Payment

Elizabeth works at a manufacturing firm and has drowned herself in debt. It crept up on her slowly. It just started with that first loan to move out of home. Then came time to buy furniture, then [...]

Lessons from a Marathon Part 2

This same weekend last year, I wrote part one of this article.  You can find it via this link if you didn’t read it, or to refresh your memory.  It was the first time I had run the Lewa Marathon. [...]

The Dangers of Sponsorship

There has been a lot of chatter on sponsorship. It has become the term to throw out in various conversations. Who may or may not have a sponsor. For those who have been out of the loop the term [...]

Prioritising your Expenditure

Sam has been behind on school fee payments ever since he could remember. For years he has been close to a heart attack whenever holidays come to an end. Especially in the New Year when apart from [...]