Goals That Work

Many of us get into a car everyday and drive somewhere.  Let’s say to go to the office…  There are no buts about it. You wake up, get ready, enter your car, and most times, end up at work. You [...]

I Can’t Afford it

  Do you constantly say and believe that you cannot afford things? That you cannot afford to enjoy the things you want to enjoy, cannot afford to take your children to good schools, cannot [...]

Things to not do when Broke

  “I’m broke”, is such a common statement that we use when referring to the fact that we don’t have money. Very often, people use this statement casually. For example, when they don’t want [...]

The Blessing in Giving

I am writing this article after church, which is why I am inspired to write about giving. I guess I needed to wait until Sunday to write. Giving, not just from the tithe perspective, but also the [...]

4 Ways to Think Wealthy

Wealthy people are not wealthy because they were born on Mars. They are so many statistics showing how wealth is unevenly distributed and in the hands of the minority. There are many reasons, but [...]