Living Smart

<strong>Do you live smart?</strong> Many of our financial issues arise because of our lifestyles.  We live, eat and exist in a certain way, which then translates into spending in a [...]

The Salary Misconception

We carry false beliefs when it comes to our salary or paycheck.  From employed to self-employed people, young and older, there’s a way of thinking about our salaries or incomes that we need to [...]

Yes You Can in 2017

Being the last day of the year, I know you must be thinking about what difference 2017 is going to have in your life. Some of us have actually written these changes down as resolutions while [...]

The Christmas Catch Up

Christmas day is tomorrow. For some people it is all planned out.  Many made travel plans at the beginning of the year and meticulously put money away month by month for it.  They got the best [...]