With this training our intention is to empower the group to become a structured wealth creation vehicle.

Our Group training is conducted over a three hour session.

Other topics that the group requires such as Corporate Governance, Property Rights and Acquisition, etc. can be added to the content on a need to basis and dependent on availability of specialist.  It may include an additional fee.

With our program you will learn how to:

  • Create an Investment Plan for your group
  • Define financial objectives and create structured plans for achieving those objectives.
  • Enable individual members to buy into the larger vision and discover how the group fits into their personal financial objectives
  • Introduction to Personal Financial Planning for Group members.
  • Create structures within the group that enable proper execution, communication and commitment.

The Centonomy Chama Clinic is taught through different modules as follows:

Costs for training for the three-hour session is Kes 35,000 plus VAT. The venue cost is inclusive of this fee.

No cash payments please