Companies are responsible for a large number of resources, and one of those resources is the human work-force. With such a dynamic and versatile resource come a number of challenges.

The Challenge

  • Many companies aren’t able to fully utilise the employees that they have, in the sense that the employees aren’t applying themselves towards the growth of the company.
  • Most new inductees haven’t developed personal goals, values, or plans; and they therefore don’t know what to expect from the workplace. As a result, they are easily disillusioned.
  • A de-motivated staff where most members do the bare minimum; not going outside the status quo to achieve results at work. This translates into a prevalent 9-to-5 mentality where employees are focused on selling their time, as opposed to focusing on providing value and being valuable to the company.
  • Lost revenue: The less the company is able to nurture and utilize the strengths of every member of their team the less that team member is applying themselves and as a result, the more money the company is leaving on the table through transactions that didn’t happen, deals that didn’t go through, marketing avenues that weren’t fully utilized, and so on.

What is the Benefit to the Employee?

  • They are empowered to have a change of mind-set. Rather than see themselves as cogs in a wheel that will keep turning regardless, they begin to see themselves as influencers of change who can provide value for the organisation.
  • They acquire skills they didn’t have. This includes the ability to:
  • Develop their strengths
  • Position themselves as the go-to person at the organization. A problem-solver who is promote-able, rewardable, and who can be trusted with more responsibility.
  • They learn to work better and smarter from a place of strength and adding value, in order to meet both the goals of the organization, and their professional goals as well.

The Result, for the Organisation

  • A growth in business as every team member better understands their strengths and how to use them in the workplace for their success.
  • A motivated workforce that will focus on providing value, which will consequently empower them to go outside the status quo and provide real value to the company.
  • A workforce that is more satisfied at work, which will promote a healthy, fulfilling
  • A demolition of old beliefs regarding the 9-to-5 mentality
  • Improved relationships and harmony at the work-place, where employees will cease to see the team as them (management) versus us (the rest of the team)
  • Harmony at the workplace as every member of the team understands what they need, what their team members need, what the company needs, and how it all ties in to their career success.

The Career Hub course has 5 modules which will be covered in a period of 5 weeks

Attendance is required for 3 hours once a week for 5 weeks. The class takes place as follows:

  • Friday – 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. –Westlands Victoria Plaza, 5th Floor

October Friday 7th April 2016 6PM – 9PM

The total cost for the 5 week course is 21,500 (Inclusive of 16%) for the 5 modules & a registration fee of Kes 1,500

Payment can be done in four installments as follows:

Week Amount
#1 KES 6,000
#2 KES 6,000
#3 KES 4,000
#4 KES 4,000

Payments can be made via  Safaricom Pay Bill Number 986850, Cash, or Cheques made out to Centonomy Ltd. (When paying via Paybill please write your name as the account number)

Bank Transfer (Kindly provide deposit or transfer slip)

Account Name: Centonomy Ltd

Account Number: 2250002966

Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank (GT Bank)

Branch: Skypark

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