Centonomy® Ltd is a Financial Literacy Institution that teaches individuals about management of their Personal Finances. Centonomy is coined from the word Cents meaning Money and Autonomy meaning Independence.

Our purpose is to Transform people’s relationships and experiences with Money through Education

Through education we assist individuals in achieving their own definition of Financial Freedom by ensuring they can define their values and be motivated to proactively structure their financial lives. Our objectives are:

– Train individuals on financial matters to make sound financial decisions

– Offer professional consultancy & support services to ensure personal goals are being achieved.

– To promote a culture of responsible personal financial management

The company was founded in 2009 by Waceke Nduati. We have worked with over 3000 people through our various services as outlined below. Our Courses and Coaching programs are designed to help employees understand and weigh the financial implications of action as well as the additional cost of inaction.

Products and Services

Centonomy 101™ – Personal Financial Management Course
The objective of this introductory course is to show you a direct, concise and easy to follow path towards financial independence, debt free living and profitable investing. This courses is run as an open workshop on a monthly basis or in house for Corporate Clients and Investment Groups. More about Centonomy 101 Course™
Centsible Woman™
The objective of Centsible Woman™ is to bring women together to have Conversations about Money. Money issues have been known to affect women in a unique way including their personal relationships. We provide a forum that empowers women through learning as well as sharing their unique experiences and relationships with money. The Centsible Woman is facilitated and run by Waceke Nduati, who has become renowned for her ability to demystify our relationships with money.. More about CentsibleWoman.

Money Central™

This is an interactive personal financial website which gives you not only information but also access to calculators, financial tools that you can use and save as you plan your money. Go to MoneyCentral.